'Phoenix Facial' at the Asian Wellness Spa, One Farrer Hotel and Spa

I recently had the opportunity to try out something very different, some of which I've never experienced before and the other, something I rarely do. I was lucky enough to sample the 'Phoenix Facial' at the Asian Wellness Spa at One Farrer hotel and Spa, comprising of a traditional Chinese medicine consultation, a facial and acupuncture. I've always thought it would be interesting to have a traditional Chinese medicine consultation to see what they considered would help my overall wellness so I jumped at the chance to have one. The acupuncture was also a first for me and although I've never really thought about it previously I was curious to have the opportunity to experience this as well.

The Asian Wellness Spa is one of two spas at the One Farrer Hotel and Spa, which is just a short walk from Farrer Park MRT station. The Asian Wellness Spa offers a range of treatments and targeted programmes to enhance both your emotional and physical well-being, incorporating both Western and traditional Chinese medicine. The 'Phoenix Facial' that I got to sample uses both traditional Chinese medicine and European techniques to treat the skin from within enhancing the blood circulation and collagen production.

Upon arrival at the spa I firstly had my consultation with the traditional Chinese medicine physician. She asked me a whole range of questions about my general well being and health as well as examining my tongue and taking my pulse on both wrists. As I said before this whole experience was very new to me but she took the time to explain everything in the consultation and how it relates to the principals of Chinese medicine. I have to say it was fascinating to learn about my body type and whilst I can't say I'll be able to follow her advice entirely there are certainly parts of it that provided some food for thought for the future. The consultation also helped her to assess where the needles would be placed during my acupuncture session. So as well as having the facial acupuncture she also decided on suitable points on my arms and legs that would help my general well-being.

From here I was then taken to the treatment room for my facial cleanse and mask. This was wonderfully relaxing and I could have happily dozed off a few times during the session. By the time this was completed I was incredibly relaxed and any nerves I may have had about my first acupuncture session were gone. The TCM physician had warned me I could experience a little pain during the acupuncture session but for me it felt like nothing more than a pin prick and any feeling I had of the needle being in my arms, legs and face soon disappeared. I did flinch a little more when she put the needles in my face but even with these I hardly felt a thing. I have to admit I was pleased that the whole experience was so pain free. I then had to lie fairly still for a period of time before the needles were removed. I really am not sure how long I was lying there for but I guess something like twenty to twenty five minutes. As I lay there I had the opportunity to just relax and tried to empty my mind of all thoughts, easier said than done, but I did try! Finally I was given a moisturising on my face with a jade roller, very cold but a very refreshing way to end my facial.

Much of my experience at the Asian Wellness Spa was a first for me but I had a great time. The TCM physician was excellent and made the experience both interesting and enlightening. The Phoenix Facial itself was wonderfully relaxing and the acupuncture pain free and simple. I left the spa feeling invigorated and ready to get on with the rest of the day. Why not check out this and their other TCM rituals, treatments and programmes for yourself and in the process give yourself a wonderful treat too.

The Asian Wellness Spa is open daily from 1pm to 10pm.

To book an appointment or discuss suitable experiences call +65 6705 7854 or email aws@onefarrer.com 

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Thank to you the Asian Wellness Spa, One Farrer Hotel and Spa for the kind invitation.


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