Memories of France

So the final part of our summer trip back to Europe saw us travelling to the South of France for a few days for the wedding of friends also based here in Singapore (though sadly not for much longer).  You can check out her fabulous blog with lots of great food recommendations in Singapore and beyond as well as much more here!

Our base for the few days was a fabulous gite in the pretty village of Cestayrols, possibly the most remote place I've stayed in quite sometime, certainly in terms of a lack of any Internet connection.  Definitely an opportunity to enjoy a break from the connected world for just a few days though.  It felt like you could step outdoors and be in any time period because the village was so sleepy, unchanged and relaxed but it was a welcome and refreshing experience.

The gite was huge, there were ten of us staying there and there was still plenty of room to enjoy it without feeling you were on top of everybody else.  The rooms were also very big and whilst our flat here in Singapore is not the smallest it reminded me again how nice it was to be staying in a house with lots of space.  There were even parts of the gite that were not accessible to us plus the owners home was attached to it so that shows what a huge property it is!  When not at the wedding celebrations, in a nearby chateau, we spent our time eating lots of amazing local produce, visiting the nearby vineyards, playing petanque late into the evening on the village's petanque terrain (I admit I looked up what the correct technical term is for the area you play petanque in) and generally enjoying everybody's company and relaxing.  It was a lovely end to our summer trip back.

Friends who were also there with us, both from Singapore and other parts of the South East Asia region, have already written about some of the wonderful food and other things that we had/did whilst we were there.  If you want to read more check out the following links.

Several posts on the excellent blog, A British Girl Abroad

All the amazing food and wine we got to enjoy at the wedding reception - Living in Sin

Here then, just as for my previous Spain post, are a few photos that remind me of a great few days over in France.


  1. Thanks for the shoutout! Lovely to read your account of our lovely holiday and see your photos too :-)

    1. No problem, it was lovely to spend a few days with you and everybody else. The last part of 2014 just flew by though but better late than never!


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