28 March 2014

#worldcolors #worldcolours 2014 - March - Green - What does green mean to me?

Green is this month's Project World Colours choice and as green was also featured last year I've again taken the approach of thinking about what the colour green means to me.

The colour green reminds me of the beautiful British countryside which is one of the things I do miss about living in Singapore and look forward to seeing again on return visits.  Green is a lush, vibrant colour and one that also features predominately in Singapore too given its rainforest climate.  Anyone living in Singapore will know that we've recently had a particularly dry spell of weather which has now finally been followed by some rain and it's good to see the green beginning return to Singapore.  Here then are my selection of photos from the UK (specifically the Lake District) and Singapore which I think best reflect what green means to me.

Lake District - UK 


Bishan park

Bukit Brown cemetery

Chinese and Japanese gardens

View from the Treetop Walk, MacRitchie Reservoir

Botanic Gardens

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