Flight of Fancy at Gardens by the Bay

Before the haze really hit last week I went to view the latest display at Gardens by the Bay, Flight of Fancy.  Flight of Fancy is the latest thematic floral display, following quick on the heels of Tulipmania.  This time though the display is in both the Flower Dome and the Cloud Forest Dome.  

The theme of the display focuses on flight, both that of man through aircraft, hot air balloons, kites etc and the flight of seeds being dispersed on the wind.  Both domes have an array of interesting facts to read about all types of flight and are peppered with model balloons and planes.  The Flower Dome is also teeming with a variety of flowers in a multitude of colours, right where the tulips were previously.  The Cloud Forest Dome never fails to blow me away every time with the large refreshingly cool waterfall as you first enter it.  At the moment there are yet more hot air balloons and facts to be seen in here too.  Let your imagination run free on this flight of fancy.

It's the perfect indoor activity should the haze return!

Flight of Fancy is on now until 21 July 2013 at Gardens by the Bay.  The domes are open from 9am - 9pm.  Admission charges to the domes apply. 


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