The Ground Cafe & Bar

This cafe is now closed.

I've mentioned before about the numerous places to eat along Tanjong Katong Road, close to where I live, and which has also seen the arrival of a couple of coffee shops too.  I recently paid a visit to this one and finally got around to trying The Ground Cafe and Bar a couple of weeks ago as well.

I have actually been here once before this visit, one evening, but it was only a brief stop for a drink after dinner at another place on Tanjong Katong Road.  When I arrived I had a proper look at the food menu, it looks good but I didn't sample anything just settling for a coffee this time.  One thing I noticed was the breakfast section, I'm very tempted to come here one morning on one of my non-working days just as something different from my usual weekday (or weekend) routine.  

Similarly to when I went to the other coffee shop on Tanjong Katong Road there were only a couple of people here but again I visited on a weekday afternoon.  It was busier when I visited in the evening and I imagine is busier at weekends.  It had a totally different feel to it, possibly because of the extensive beer range that they also serve but it felt too much more like somewhere you could go and easily while away an afternoon.  It was late afternoon when I dropped in and my fellow customers were themselves enjoying a beer rather than coffee.  I liked the atmosphere though and I think it is somewhere I need to return to again in the evening as well as in the day.  Although I'm not a beer drinker (which they serve a lot of) they also have a range of ciders on sale which suits me fine.

As for my coffee, like I've said before I'm no expert but I enjoyed it and I think of the two coffee shop options near me I'm tempted to return here again just a little bit more.


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