Singapore Staycation

My husband and I recently celebrated our first wedding anniversary, how can it be a year already!?  As a result I'd been thinking about what to do to treat him and mark the event.  I'd have loved to have gone away for a proper break somewhere, but at the moment it just does not seem to be an option for us.  Fingers crossed that 2013 allows us to take more advantage of all the wonderful countries on our doorstep.

However I digress, so in trying to think of ways to celebrate I came up with the idea of a staycation instead.  I actually tried to do this before (though on that occasion we stayed at our home) but it didn't really work very well and at the end of the weekend I felt like we had not really achieved my aim of getting away from it all.  So this time I decided we needed to stay in a hotel so that we could completely 'get away' from all our usual distractions!

I didn't really know where to start in terms of finding a hotel in Singapore that might make a nice anniversary stopover, having only briefly stayed in a hotel here when my husband first arrived.  I searched 'boutique hotels in Singapore' on the Internet however and eventually came up with the Hotel Fort Canning in Fort Canning Park.  I knew there was a hotel there as we'd been for an after show drink in the bar when we went to watch Shakespeare in the Park a couple of years ago, but otherwise knew nothing about the place.

The package we chose included a bottle of sparkling wine in our room,not the Veuve (we supplied that) but the bottle in the background which was very pleasant too

Like many hotels do, the Hotel Fort Canning offers a number of weekend one night packages which include a few extras (like the bottle of sparkling wine in our room) to make your stay a little more memorable.  I don't know that this is necessarily the best or the cheapest of these options in Singapore but for us it made our first anniversary just a little bit more special.

Although you are incredibly close to Orchard Road, being in the heart of Fort Canning park you could be anywhere.  All we could really hear was the chirping of insects and the calling of birds.  In the evening we enjoyed some pre-dinner drinks in the Private Lounge for hotel guests and then dined in the hotel's Italian restaurant, Gattopardo.  All the while enjoying the peaceful setting of Fort Canning Park.

Drinks on the verandah of the Private Lounge for hotel guests

All too soon our stay was over though and it was time to check out.  As we were leaving there was a flurry of activity as the hotel was obviously preparing for a wedding celebration later that day.  I have to say it would make a very nice venue for many special occasions.  Hopefully we'll have reason to return there at some point, maybe on our next wedding anniversary.

Verandah of the Private Lounge


  1. I hope you had a lovely anniversary. I cannot believe it was a year ago, doesn't time fly.

    1. Thanks Lynne and yes we did. I know what you mean this year has flown by!


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