Camuri - Chill Out Bars Goes Spanish

Continuing in his occasional series of good bars for a drink, my husband has written a post about a great, family friendly bar/restaurant we found near Estepona, Spain on our summer holiday.

For this post I will review a single bar and restaurant we frequented many times when we were on holiday in the south of Spain.  It is called Camuri and is located in a development called Laguna Village, near the fishing village of Estepona on Spain’s Costa del Sol.  The bar is situated on the edge of the beach with views out to the Mediterranean, with its deep blue hue and luxury yachts.  With sun loungers available for hire on the beach (the waiters / waitresses will go on to the beach to serve cooling drinks and restorative lunches) it's a great place to stop and even has an Asian feel.

Typically we sat on the comfortable decking area where the attentive staff served our drinks and food to chilled out tunes.

The menu was a wonderful mix of western and Asian fusion dishes, ranging from tapas type starters and sandwiches to noodles and steaks.  In addition to this there were excellent desserts, the nutella crepe was apparently to die for, see below.  We would generally go to Camuri in the late afternoon for a drink and a dessert, on our last Friday I could have sat on the decking all afternoon, but alas I could not have more than two beers as I was driving.

The food was generally excellent.  It is worth noting that, like many spots in Spain we visited, the paella has a minimum order for two people to share but it included prawns, squid, mussels and chicken, and was very filling. The Singapore noodles (can you tell we were back dining on western style Chinese food again) were a little spicy but nonetheless very good and they will even give you chopsticks if you ask.

Most importantly though the beers were cold, a key feature on a very hot day.


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