Marwell Zoological Park

Moving away from Singapore once more and back to my recent trip to the UK.  As well as a visit to Hever Castle my parents and I also went to Marwell Zoological Park just outside Winchester in Hampshire.  Obviously you can visit the zoo in Singapore (and I'm looking forward to another trip back at some point once the pandas arrive) but this was somewhere I used to get taken to a lot when I was a child, particularly around Christmas time when they have a great Winter Wonderland experience complete with Santa in Marwell Hall in the grounds of the zoo.  Or at least I thought it was great as a child, though I'm sure it still is!  As we had not visited for a number of years my Dad decided to take us back again as I was around to enjoy it too.

The weather was not as kind to us as it had been when we went to Hever Castle but fortunately apart from one downpour late afternoon it remained dry, though very cold.  As a result I think a lot of the animals were hiding up to keep warm as we struggled to see some of them and I struggled to get many photos.  Despite that though we covered most of the zoo and saw the main animals that we hoped to including, rhinos, snow leopards and other leopards, meerkats, zebras, lemurs, giraffes and tigers spending the whole day there in the end, right up until they were closing.  If you have not been and are in the area or ever happen to be passing through it is worth visiting.  The animals have large enclosures, are well cared for and seem very happy in their home in the UK.


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