Berlayer Creek and Keppel Bay

After reading a blog post by my friend Leone about the newly opened Berlayer Creek and Labrador Nature and Coastal Walk, me and my husband decided we'd like to go and visit this for ourselves.  I'd visited Labrador Park previously and had an enjoyable day, but now with the extension to the Circle Line on the MRT it is a lot easier to access this area.  Getting to the Berlayer Creek could not be more straightforward now, simply exit the Labrador Park MRT station and follow the signs.

I gather that this part of the Labrador Park area was not previously accessible to pedestrians but a boardwalk has now been opened allowing visitors the chance to get closer to the mangrove and coastal areas and hopefully some of the wildlife too.  Sadly we did not see much in the way of wildlife that day, just a few birds.  As with all the natural spots I have discovered in Singapore though it was the perfect place to escape from modern life just for a while.  One word of warning though, there is not much in the way of shelter along the boardwalk so make sure you go prepared if you plan to see it for yourself.

As we followed the boardwalk round we eventually came out to the open sea where we could see small sailing boats making the most of the glorious day and beyond that the common sight off the shores of Singapore of tankers.  I was not sure if we'd get to a point where we could go no further and have to turn back or what would happen, but we kept on walking.   As we discovered though the boardwalk takes you round towards the marina and Keppel Bay area, a part of Singapore I had not previously ventured too.

We walked past some fabulous looking condos (way out of our price league) and the Reflections at Keppel Bay (see the photo below).  One quick property search on the Internet quickly tells you how much you would likely have to spend to live here.  The views across the marina are lovely though so I'm not really surprised.

As we wandered around we admired the yachts too, looking at where their home ports were and wondering whether they'd come straight from there or not.  As you walk around there are plaques with some information about what the area was once used for, but it is hard to imagine this now as you look at all the brand new buildings and the beautiful yachts.

By this stage we were getting to the point of needing some refreshment as we were beginning to wilt in the heat.  Fortunately we could see an area where it looked like there might be somewhere to get a drink and hopefully something to eat too.  Our suspicions were correct and we were rewarded with a much needed rest and some air conditioning.  A pleasant walk for a Sunday afternoon which could not be easier to get to now.


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