I'm Getting Married in the Morning (Well in One Week's Time)

I thought perhaps I ought to excuse myself in advance if there is a slight lack of posts in the next couple of weeks.  For those who know me you'll already know this, but just in case you don't yes the time has finally come and I'm getting married next Saturday, 15 October.  I really can't believe how close it is now!

If you read my blog regularly you'll know I've mentioned this a handful of times over the last few months though I've tried not to bore readers too much with it all.  Anyway despite me not being mad about putting photos of myself on my blog, I think there is only one in an actual post, (see if you can find it)!  As I've had so many people ask me to put a few here I will bow to blog reader and Twitter pressure and share a couple of photos here with you all in due course.

In the meantime though I thought I'd share with you a bit about the location for our wedding, even though it is not in Singapore.  I have some lovely photos of the village I'm getting married in but unfortunately as I'm in the UK at present and these are on my laptop in Singapore I cannot access them.

So here is a link to Wikipedia with information about the village.  I love how it says that Loose is pronounced to rhyme with booze.  This is correct and many a joke has been made in the past as a result of the spelling and how it looks like it should be pronounced about the Loose Women's Institute and many more.

Here are some images I found on the Internet for the village just to give you a little flavour.  I'm probably biased, as this was where I grew up, but I do think it is a beautiful little Kent village and I'm so glad we are able to get married there.  My parents got married in this church as well so it was always my first choice.  I am officially one very excited blogger at the moment!

Loose stream where, fingers crossed for good weather, we'll be able to get some photos after the service.

All Saints church, where we will be married

The village sign


  1. The photos make me feel so serene..so beautiful. Wishing you a very very happy day :)

  2. so beautiful ... and as it will be on Saturday too.

    Will be thinking of you (both) on this very special day.


  3. We have yet to meet in person Laura but I'm excited to hear about your happy wedding day next weekend. Enjoy every moment of it.

  4. Thank you, we had a truly wonderful day and the weather (for the time of year) was beautifully sunny and warm.


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