My Singapore Wish List

The idea for a random wish list came to me following a recent Twitter conversation.  Since moving to Singapore I've had a 'to do' list taken from various guidebooks, recommendations from blogs I follow, friends and just from living there and hearing about new places that have opened or have revamped themselves.  Gradually items have been ticked off and other places have been added.  This is mainly though just a places to visit list full of various attractions.  My wish list, on the other hand, is not necessarily glamorous or unusual but a collection of a few everyday things that I'm still to do and once I get back would like to achieve.

So in no particular order they are:

Eat an ice cream bread sandwich

It was this very thing that was the subject of the Twitter conversation I had recently.  Since arriving I've tried (for me at least) some foods I never imagined I would including durian, BBQ stingray, chili crabKatong laksaThunder tea rice and various other seafood dishes.  To have not tried something so relatively unassuming seems shameful.  I also have no excuse as you do not have to go far in the more touristy areas of the island to find an Uncle selling this very delight.  So this has to be on my 'to try' list sooner rather than later.

Visit JB

Whilst I suspect this is not the most interesting part of Malaysia to visit and I definitely want to go to Kuala Lumpur, Malacca and Penang at some point.  I've not been here (or indeed Malaysia yet, is that bad seeing I've been in Singapore over a year?!?) and therefore never crossed the causeway from Singapore to Malaysia and I really would like to.  There is a good reason for my reluctance to do this up until now which I promise to explain once I get back to Singapore.  After that in theory I guess, if I wanted to, I could cross the causeway everyday.

More travel in the surrounding area

More generally I still want to increase my travelling opportunities whilst I'm in Singapore.  I have to say that I have not done badly since I arrived but reading other blogs and just doing my own research has only made me all the more interested in visiting other places too.  Hopefully once I return I can increase that tally a little further.

Spot the Orangefoamfinger

UPDATE - July 2020, unfortunately not only did I not achieve this one it also seems this blog is no longer available to read.

This one may be a little random and also make me seem a bit of a stalker which is definitely not my intention (especially if you are reading this Mr OrangeFoamFinger).  However I'd love to spot this fellow blogger and, of course, his distinctive Orangefoamfinger.  I've been following his amusing blog on both Singapore and other places for a few months now and he really makes me laugh.  If you haven't seen his blog yet you must take a look.  His posts often include photos of him posing in various locations with the famous foam finger and I would be made up if one day I happened to spot him somewhere in Singapore. 

Explore more hawker centres

I've been to a few hawker centres and food courts in the time I've been living here of course but I know there are a lot more to explore and at times I still feel a bit of a newbie with regards to them all.  Likewise I tend to stick to the same few dishes so I'd definitely like to visit more and try some other dishes.  In particular I think I should definitely try the dishes that each centre is particularly known for.

Avoiding long periods of separation from my (shortly to be) husband

For various very good reasons myself and my (soon to be) husband have had some long periods of separation in the past couple of years.  Initially when he first moved to Singapore, I do not know why now, but at the time it came so suddenly that I just did not feel ready to make the move straight away.  The lease on our flat had about six months to go before we could break out of our contract without having to pay out a lot of unnecessary money so this seemed a good reason for me to remain in the UK a bit longer.  By the time it came to me going I absolutely could not wait and now I wonder what on earth convinced me to remain, fear of the unknown I guess.  Since the start of January we've also had two longish periods apart, the second one currently ongoing.  It has been for a very good reason (wedding organising) but as a result of our time apart we've been apart for two Valentines days in a row and will also be apart on my birthday.  Whilst I certainly do not think celebrating Valentines day is the be all and end all and agree that the commercialism of the day is a great money maker, it will be nice to be together on it for once.  So I hope that once we are married next month, for the time being at least, any future separations we have will be weeks rather than months.

So there we go a random wish list of things I would like to achieve when I return to Singapore next month.  Wish me luck!!


  1. I think Orange Foam Finger will soon be a Singapore Celebrity.

    I am eager to find out what you think of our ice-cream wrapped in bread or that comes between 2 wafers. I tend to pick Ripple icecream as I find the chocolate chip powdery somehow. People like sweetcorn as well. And I love fresh durian but I absolutely loathe durian products like durian ice cream....yucky to me.

  2. What a great list. I want to spot the Orange Foam Finger in action, too! And maybe partake in some Singapore Shufflin' at the same time.

  3. I've been meaning to write a 'to-do' list for some time. Might copy some of yours, such as Eat an icecream sandwich and definately spot Mr Orangefoamfinger! Haha we can stalk him together when you get back!!

  4. I reckon you could be right about Mr OrangeFoamfinger's celebrity status!

    I'll certainly share here my experience of the ice cream sandwich once I've tried it.

  5. Flora I'd love to have the guts to Singapore Shuffle, that still makes me laugh no matter how many times I watch it. I love how most of the people just totally ingnore them doing it, I really thought that type of 'ignore them and they might go away attitude' only occurred in Britain!

  6. I was very very surprised there were no uncles and aunties gawking open mouthed at Orangefoamfinger as he was shufflin' .....that video is a classic!

  7. ... such a fun post ...... yes, we could all stalk "OFF" what a hoot eh?

    and once you are back on "the Little Red Dot" we can go to JB with a few others, am sure we can organise such a day. I go over about once a month, nothing exciting about it .. just some cheap shopping!

    Ice cream sandwich, yes ... but with wafers not the bread ... ice cream and bread just don't seem to "go together"!

  8. Thanks Leone, I imagine I may need your expertise on the best shopping in JB!

    As for the ice cream, I definitely will try it at some point with bread (as well as wafers) just to see what it is like.

  9. I am loving these comments, you guys are making me blush. I will have to be watch out for the blogarazzi!


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