Back to Blighty

Last week we returned to the UK for a flying visit.  My fiance is fortunate to be able to work remotely now and again but as he has to keep to Singapore hours (not fun in the middle of winter) and I'd get in the way I'm sure, I use it as an opportunity to catch up with family and friends back home.

As always the time went too quickly and my diary was incredibly busy with hardly room to eat but it was so worth it as well.  We were very worried whether we would actually get back given the heavy snow that the UK had recently.  Fortunately though we did but the extreme change of temperature was a shock to the system, although not altogether unpleasant either.  Even though it was dark by the time we got to the UK I could make out the snow in the fields and it looked so lovely as we came into land at Gatwick.  I think my body is wondering though what on earth is going on at the moment as I have gone from one extreme to another in barely a week.

I managed to get some lovely photos of the sunset as we flew over Europe (Turkey to be precise).

The cold weather did also get me well and truly in the Christmas spirit as I had struggled to do so despite all the decorations everywhere here.  I also got to enjoy my Mum's cooking and those dishes you just can't get here or if you can don't exactly taste the same.  I managed to cram in some Cadbury's chocolate which tastes exactly as I know and love!  The only good thing about the Cadbury's here being different is that I have cut down on my chocolate intake considerably as a result.

Asides from catching up with friends and seeing their children who have grown so much since I saw them last or as in one case meeting a brand new edition to my friend's family and catching up with my own family I was also perusing wedding reception venues for the big day next year.  I think I've found somewhere now so just need to confirm that and pay the deposit.  Then I can start thinking about everything else I need to organise. 

It was lovely to be back for a visit and doing the simple things like going into my local town again and spotting new shops and other changes to the town.  I also managed to buy some bargain summery clothes in the pre-Christmas sales, ideal for here but not so good for back home, but at as little as £3 in some cases who can complain?!? 

A really good week but it is nice to return to the warmer weather and leave the snow and ice behind for now.


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