Where Am I?

Well I thought I'd give you a bit of a flavour of where I am in Singapore.

 Our flat is on the 15th floor of our apartment block and we have access to a swimming pool and gym. This seems to be the norm in appartment blocks here and who knows maybe one of these days I'll be tempted to venture into the gym!

The views in the attached pictures are from our balcony and show the view on a lovely day but also what it looks like when it rains here and how the city becomes engulfed in mist. Today has been one of those days but for me still getting use to the constant heat it has been refreshingly pleasant to sit on the balcony and watch the rain. I'm waiting though to see some flash flooding which I know happens here sometimes after a rain downpour.

I now live in the East Coast area of Singapore not too far away from the airport. Although I can't hear the planes as I could in our flat in the UK (being on Heathrow's flight path) at night from the balcony you can see the lights on the planes as they come in to land or take off. In addition I'm not too far from a military base so every now and again loud military jets fly overhead as well. Finally in the distance you can see the sea and on a clear day the ships too.

Well hopefully that gives you a bit more of an idea of my whereabouts, it's the weekend tomorrow so I'm sure I'll be back soon with more. Take care!


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