Officially A Job Hunter

So here I am after almost a week since my last blog. I started the week by further updating my CV for the inevitable job searching. as much as I'd love to be an expat lady of leisure I knew it wasn't practical and that to be honest I'd probably get a bit bored!!

My original plan was to apply for my Long Term Visit pass which hopefully would be approved and although I still wouldn't be able to work it would buy me more time for job hunting. At the moment I'm here on a social visit visa on either visa I can look for jobs and attend interviews but I can't work without the Employment Pass which I can't get until I have a job offer. For me staying out here for a longer period of time having the Long Term Visit pass would be better to allow time for this to all happen. Unfortunately though my plans were scuppered as it seems I don't qualify for that type of visa and therefore the need to find a job has become more urgent.

So since then I've signed up with a job website, already applied for a couple of roles and met a lovely lady who works in my boyfriend's HR department in the hope she might have some good contacts. Fingers crossed! It feels a bit weird though having to make such a massive effort to find a job, I feel like I've just finished university again.

Away from the job hunting my boyfriend has to go to Bangkok next week with his work and I'm fortunate enough to be going with him. I can't wait, other than Singapore (and prior to coming here now that was only a two week trip in January) I've not been anywhere else in this part of the world so I'm very keen to experience some other countries and places that are on my doorstep. No doubt I'll have some interesting things to blog about once I return from there.

The weekend has come around again so quickly hope you all have a lovely one, take care all and I'll write more soon.


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