Welcome to Singapore

Well here I am in hot and humid Singapore!! I visited in January this year for two weeks when my boyfriend took up a new job based here having never visited this part of the world before and I've returned to live here with him. I've now been here since last Saturday so very early days but I hope you'll enjoy my blogs every step of the way in the months ahead.

I've never written a blog before or had any thoughts about doing one (probably because up until now I hadn't really got anything that interesting to blog about) but I came up with the idea as a way of keeping track on what I'm doing and another way of sharing my adventures and experiences with friends and hopefully anyone else who may be interested as well. Please bare with me though as I learn what I'm doing on this :-)

Prior to my boyfriend taking up his job here I never imagined I'd ever have the guts to live abroad and I think anyone who knows me well would say the same. It is still daunting even though I'm here (though I feel better about it than I did before I came out here) but I'm determined to make the most of everything I can and hopefully share some of that with you. Take care and I'll be back soon!


  1. Woop woop lovely idea Laura! Will watch & read with interest. Hope you're settling in nicely, take good care. Alice x


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