Carry On

As you may know my working hours are not typically 9 - 5 and so I sometimes find I have early finishes meaning that I have the occasional free afternoon. When I do I quite like a little 'me time' and if I have nothing else planned or I'm not exploring somewhere new in Singapore I will take myself off for a coffee close to where we live. My previous regular haunt, as is sadly often the case in Singapore, suddenly closed with no warning but friends mentioned another place not too far away that they thought I might like to try.

So, thanks to them, I discovered Carry On a quirky, fun coffee shop (far more so than my previous coffee shop of choice in the neighbourhood) offering a range of coffees, teas, things to eat and also some wine and beers. I admit when my friend first told me about the place I struggled to find it! She told me where it was but I passed by it several times on the bus before I finally saw it. The entrance is quite understated, hidden beneath the five foot way of the shophouse it is in but I like that as it fits in well with the style of building it is housed in and also gives the place more of an intimate personalised feel to it.

Although I tend to mainly go in the afternoons, I go on various days and at different times and still it is not unusual to see regular faces there which I also like. Now I go fairly often the staff recognise me too and remember what I like to have, always a nice touch. Carry On seems popular with a variety of people, those studying, working, Mum's picking up their children from the nearby school or simply those just catching up with friends.

There are fun design features throughout, this table is made from an old sewing machine

As I mentioned they offer a range of coffees, teas and some light bites too. I've only had the coffee but the food looks good and the names of the teas intrigue me. Ones to try in the future I think. Asides from the coffee etc. Carry On also sells a range of bags which are easily viewed in the cafe whilst you enjoy your break. I'm not sure how much they are but they come in a range of styles including rucksacks, both big and small and smaller bags too. 

The reason I come here

Carry On has definitely now become my local cafe of choice for a little me time when I can. It's a welcoming, friendly place, perfect for killing some time or people watching. If you find yourself in the area, or if you live close by, why not check it out for yourself too.


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