Red Dot Roaming - Kent Ridge MRT - Kent Ridge Park, Hort Park and the Forest Walk

I've been on a bit of a roll with my Red Dot Roaming posts and managed to get another walk in another part of Singapore done not so long ago. This time my roaming took me to Kent Ridge MRT to complete the Southern Ridges walk. I'd already previously walked from Harbourfront MRT, starting at the Marang Trail going to the Henderson Waves on another Red Dot Roam so the plan this time was to walk the other half of it. In the end we actually walked all the way back to Harbourfront MRT so ended up completing the whole of the walk.

Getting off at Kent Ridge MRT station we took a short walk through the nearby business park (absolutely devoid of life as we went on a Sunday) entering the park through a small side entrance which looked a little like we were just wandering into somebody's garden. Thankfully though it wasn't and we had entered Kent Ridge park. Our entrance was close to a lake where we saw a beautiful kingfisher type bird just watching the world (and no doubt the fish) go by. Our plan was to head towards the Canopy Walk and then on to Hort park and after a bit of confusion as to which way to go we were soon on the right track.

View from the Canopy Walk

Passing through the Canopy Walk, a boardwalk taking you (as the name suggests) up to the tree canopy we came to Hort park. Hort park is a gardeners dream and somewhere I didn't even know existed until planning this walk and looking into the area a little more. It is a 22 acre park connecting Kent Rdge park, Telok Blangah park and Mount Faber park housing a multitude of greenhouses, a visitor centre and different themed gardens including a Balinese Garden and Butterfly Garden. The park is full of educational and research elements and is right next to a business park (what a lovely spot to look out on from your office) and would be a great spot to explore more thoroughly if you were lover of gardening. We only passed through it on our way to the Alexandra Arch and Forest Walk so only saw the area fleetingly but I was very impressed by what I did see. I've since read that the greenhouses are home to some very interesting plants so maybe it will be somewhere to return to at some point.

Walking Through Hort Park

Passing through this park and on to the Alexandra Arch was a thousand times nicer than having to negotiate the busy Alexandra Road below us. I do love how Singapore does the park connectors and other paths connecting walks and cycle paths etc. here. Many times its is possible to completely avoid walking on main roads and the paths are always beautifully laid out making them great for everyone. There really is no excuse for not getting out there and exploring the parts of the island nearest to your home or a little further afield either by foot or bike.

The Alexandra Arch was designed with a curved deck and titled arch to look like an open leaf. It really is a very photogenic bridge even when it's almost swallowed up in the trees etc (see my photo below) and I couldn't resist taking several photos of it. From the Alexandra Arch we then walked seamlessly onto the Forest Walk in Telok Blangah Hill Park. Treetop walks seem quite popular in Singapore with the one in MacRitchie Reservoir and the new walk on Sentosa near Fort Siloso. Unlike the other two though this one twists and turns as you walk through the forest and gives great views towards the city and out towards sea. The walk also takes you through different elevations climbing to 18 metres in places. Just like the other two you get to walk through the treetops and enjoy a totally different view of the forest and the surrounding area.

Alexandra Arch
Forest Walk
View from the Forest Walk Towards the Alexandra Arch

As you enjoy the walk and the views you pass close to the Gillman Barracks, a former military camp and now a contemporary arts base and some where still on the 'to visit' list, anybody been? The walk also takes you close to Preston Road which through an exit allows you to view a handful of beautiful black and white houses. How lovely to live there and have this walk on your doorstep.

Black and White Houses
A path taking you through the trees on the Forest Walk

Upon leaving the Forest Walk you find yourself in Telok Blangah Hill Park and here we were close to where we finished up on our previous walk when we did the other half of the Southern Ridges from Harbourfront MRT starting at the Marang Trail. As I mentioned we actually carried on and walked all the way to Harbourfront MRT that day and if you'd like to read about that half (albeit in reverse) take a look at my previous Harbourfront MRT Red Dot Roaming post.

This is a great walk to do whether you do the whole route or just sections of it. Since doing this my husband has actually done it again with our recent visitors from the UK. You get some great views of both the CBD and out to sea, seeing some history and the natural parts of Singapore along the way. It's all beautifully joined together with connecting paths and elevated walkways allowing you to walk a considerable distance barely having to venture on to main roads.

View Towards Reflections at Keppel Bay and Beyond

Kent Ridge MRT is on the Circle Line (CC24)

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