East Coast Park to Gardens by the Bay

Yet more walking for us, we really do do quite a lot don't we? This time though we walked from East Coast Park to Gardens by the Bay on the fairly recently opened path/bridge which seamlessly now connects the two without you having to venture anywhere near a main road.

We live near East Coast Park so this is an easy place for us to get to and enjoy when we don't have any other plans. Earlier this year an overhead bridge was opened that connects East Coast Park near Fort Road to the open space on the other side of the road and allows you to walk (or cycle) right to Gardens by the Bay East. From here you can, if you wish, then continue across the Marina Barrage and around to the main part of Gardens by the Bay. 

For us the walk began close to Tanjong Katong Road at the underpass (near the Big Splash) allowing you to walk under the ECP. Once you reach the other side you are in East Coast Park and ready to begin. As you can see in the photo below the path is, as always in Singapore, beautifully laid out and clearly marked for walkers and cyclists. There is no need to worry about getting lost the path will take you all the way there. For most of the route you'll walk (or cycle) with the ECP on your right hand side.

Off we go!

As you get closer to Gardens by the Bay you'll pass the Marina Bay Golf Course on your left. Not being interested in golf and by default not a golfer I was amused to see people standing in what looks like a building with no walls, on several different levels, all practicing their shots. From there you shortly find yourself in Gardens by the Bay East and can catch a first glimpse of MBS through the trees.

There's MBS

From here, if you want to, you can walk on through this part of gardens, over the Marina Barrage and into the main part of Gardens by the Bay. We did just that when we visited but this final part of the walk is something that we'd done previously so were already familiar with. This is a great walk (and one we've done again since), it's great to be able to walk all the way to Gardens by the Bay from our home and certainly proves how small Singapore is and how easy it is to walk what seems quite a distance away. This is yet another simple, well laid out and easy walk and whilst there may not be lots of new things to spot along the way it is absolutely worth doing at least once, whether you are on foot or on a bike.

Just a little part of the Singapore skyline

An iconic Singapore building


  1. Hi, how long did the journey take round trip?

    1. Hi, we used to start at Big Splash and it would take us about four hours (walking) and usually with a stop at the food court in the gardens for lunch or a drink.


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