Homescapes Photography Exhibition

As Singapore's 50th anniversary of independence fast approaches lots of events celebrating Singapore are starting to happen all over the place. One such event is this photography exhibition which I popped along to to take a look at. Being right on my doorstep how could I not?

This exhibition is a part of the SG Heart Map, a whole series of events all over Singapore aiming to share and celebrate the many places that are special to Singapore residents and the many different reasons why. You can even upload your own story, special place and memory on their website.

The photography exhibition is a collection of local photographers and pupils from Raffles' Girls School photos exploring the concept of home and what it means to Singaporeans. As you may expect there are photos of HDB's, views of different parts of Singapore but also more personal photos of families in their home and people's personal trinkets. Also included, and in keeping with the SG Heart Map theme, are individuals memories of the different parts of Singapore that they lived in and what that place means to them.

You can just see in my photo above some white boards covering the safety railings of the HDB walkways. Some were white and some red and at the launch these made a rather cool massive heart design. I saw it the following morning on the way to work and it really looked fabulous in the morning sunshine. I made up my mind to get a photo when I returned home later but sadly by then they'd taken it down! A shame that it couldn't have been left for a little longer, however if you want to see it for yourself check out the SG Heart Map website or this YouTube clip.

This is a really delightful collection of photos and worth checking out if you are in the area.

 Just a couple of the photos on display

The Homescapes photography exhibition is on now at the void deck of Block 99, Old Airport Road just near Dakota MRT station. It is free to the public and is on from 10am - 8pm but hurry as it ends on the 5 July 2015.

For more information about this exhibition and other events check out the SG Heart Map website here.


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