Rabbit Carrot Gun and the Trenchard Arms

Somewhere we've been to but I've not got around to sharing anything about on here is Rabbit Carrot Gun and the Trenchard Arms, situated in traditional shophouses on the East Coast Road.  Actually we've only been to Rabbit Carrot Gun once (and enjoyed it) but we've visited the pub part of this establishment a few times over the past few months so I thought I'd combine the two.

Interior of Rabbit Carrot Gun

We visited Rabbit Carrot Gun on a Sunday to try it out as somewhere different for a local brunch spot and it didn't disappoint.  It was very busy, in fact it always seems to be when I walk past it, but this didn't prevent us getting good service and having a very pleasant meal.  I had the eggs benedict and whilst I may not be an aficionado on this dish I thought it was pretty good.  The Game Keepers Shooting breakfast actually looked good too when I saw other people's orders come out after I had made my own.  I'm always a bit hesitant though to order a full English in Singapore as the sausages are invariably either not pork sausages (even when the menu states they are) or are just generally a bit substandard.  I reserve my occasional full English fixes strictly for when I am back in the UK.  Can anyone confirm how this breakfast compares though?  I'd like to find a decent one somewhere in Singapore!

As I mentioned slap bang next to Rabbit Carrot Gun is the Trenchard Arms owned by the same people.  The pub is modelled on a British pub and has lots of quirky features including a large model of a bulldog and one wall covered in a 'Country Life' covers collage wallpaper.  There are also a couple of comfy chairs which would totally be at home in a country pub in the UK with a roaring fire burning as well as the usual bar stools and tables.  They serve Rose wine here too which I admit to taking advantage of whenever we go.

The Trenchard Arms also offers a range of typically British pub food and snacks, including Scotch eggs and ploughman's.  We've not eaten there so not sure how good the dishes are and to me it does not seem the cheapest.  Has anyone eaten there though, is the food good?  The majority of our visits here have been on a Sunday afternoon for one or two relaxed drinks close to home but we've also been in the evening.  It seems equally as good whether you go at night or in the day.  

From our experience it's a good place to go whether it be for dinner or just drinks.  Another great eatery and pub in the East!

View from inside the Trenchard Arms


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