Dinosaurs: Dawn to Extinction

I admit, it's a while ago now that we actually did it, but we went to see 'Dinosaurs: Dawn to Extinction' at the ArtScience museum and what can I say, only that it is another excellent exhibit.  Like many I've always had a bit of a fascination with dinosaurs, seeing the skeletons and fossils at the Natural History museum in London is always the best part of any visit there.  So when I heard this exhibit was on its way it shot on to my 'to do' list to check it out.

The exhibit takes you on a journey spanning 600 million years through the Triassic, Jurassic and Cretaceous prehistoric periods.  Walking around the displays takes you back to what the world was like at the time dinosaurs roamed.  The models are incredibly lifelike (in as much as what it is thought they may have looked like when they were alive) and very impressive.  As well as the models there are also reconstructions of dinosaur skeletons together with some fossils (both real and models of) and lots of interesting information about life during the time periods and fascinating details of the dinosaurs on display.  At one stage there is a recreation of what the environment was like during the time of the dinosaurs in an area of what is now China.  This allows you to see the models in a natural setting as well as just the stand alone ones etc. on display in the earlier part of the exhibition.  Towards the end there is also a rather cool metal model of a dinosaur which I thought was pretty spectacular and yes there are a few moving models, including one that allows you to see how they believe a Tyrannosaurus Rex moved.

Naturally there are also lots of hands on activities and puzzles to keep all ages interested.  Loads of items can be touched and investigated in a fun and engaging way.  It has to be said it's also fun to walk around and underneath the huge replica dinosaur skeletons (at least the head and tail ends) just trying to imagine an animal this large being alive!  I've never visited the museum with children but at all the exhibitions I have been to I'm always struck by how much there seems to be for children to get involved in and actively participate in.  

There is a phone app you can download to enhance your visit further which we were told about when we got our tickets.  My husband tried to download it but it actually did not download in time for our visit, and this was after we had been for a coffee first before going in.  So maybe if you want to enhance your visit that way this is something you'd really need to do before coming so you were ready.

Whether you (or someone you know) is a dinosaur fan or just casually interested this is definitely another exhibition to go and see if you haven't already!

Dinosaurs: Dawn to Extinction is on now until 27 July 2014, admission charges apply.


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