Curry Brunch at the Tiffin Room, Raffles Hotel

We had only our third set of visitors come over to stay not so long ago, my in-laws.  Of course whilst they were here we spent some time taking them to some of the main tourist sites and enjoying some fabulous food at great restaurants.  Most of what we did we've done before (not that we minded an excuse to do them all again) but one thing that was a first was the curry brunch at the Tiffin Room in Raffles Hotel.

Raffles Hotel was one of those things I knew about Singapore before we moved here and is a must do on most visitors list.  Whilst the Long Bar is nice (though a real tourist trap) there are other bars there which are less busy and therefore far more pleasant as an occasional treat.  I was, however, expecting the brunch to be very busy, but there were only a handful of diners when we went which made it a far more intimate and enjoyable lunchtime.

We were a little early and so briefly sat outside in the hotel reception watching the comings and goings of the hotel and listening to the Grandfather clock striking the hour before we ventured in just after twelve noon.  As you'd expect the staff were incredibly attentive and continued to be throughout our meal.  I was actually getting over a nasty cold at the time which had resulted in a chesty cough.  I had a coughing fit in the restaurant and no sooner had I stopped then one of the staff appeared with some hot water with honey and lemon to soothe my chest.  I was really touched by how lovely a gesture that was.

The Tiffin Room

Tiffin means lunch or a light meal.  The Tiffin room at Raffles hotel has only been known as such since 1976 but the hotel website says they've been serving tiffin curry since 1899.  Naturally you do feel like you are stepping back in time a little whenever you visit this hotel but I guess that is all part of the charm of the place.  The Tiffin room maintains this feel as well, reminding me in part of an old fashioned traditional tea room.

The food, of course, is Indian (North Indian to be precise) and features both meat and vegetarian dishes and curries.  It was incredibly good, though if I'm honest I was expecting a few more dish choices than there were, especially given where we were.  That's not to say I struggled to find food to eat and was not full by the time we finished eating.  It's definitely not something you'd do every weekend but as a treat with visitors it was a very pleasant way to spend a Sunday lunchtime and afternoon.



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